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Perusahaan kami lebih dikenal dengan nama CV Media Teknologi yang kini telah berganti nama menjadi PT Media Teknologi Globalindo telah berdiri sejak tahun 2008, kami adalah supplier alat ukur dalam bidang sipil dan telkom fiber optik di Jakarta Selatan, kami telah menjalin kerjasama dengan beberapa instansi pemerintahan dan beberapa perusahaan kontraktor besar dan ternama di Indonesia untuk memenuhi kebutuhan alat yang diperlukan.

Our Vision

Menjadi perusahaan terdepan sebagai supplier alat survey, alat telekomunikasi, alat uji material dan alat pemeliharaan rel kereta


Our Mission

Memberikan layanan dan solusi terbaik dalam menanggapi persyaratan alat survey, alat telekomunikasi, alat uji material dan alat pemeliharaan rel kereta baik dalam segi kualitas dan harga produk.

Our Progress

Surveying Instrument

2013 - 2016
2016 - 2018

Fiber Optic

2013 - 2016
2016 - 2018

Railways Maintance

2017 - 2018

Our clients


  1. By purchasing goods at then you have read and agree to all applicable Terms and Conditions.
  2. Goods that have been purchased and paid off can not be in exchange or in return.
  3. All information regarding the product follows the Invoice including the warranty period.
  4. For the Invoices paid, In the event of a price reduction, the difference between the funds can not be refunded.
  5. Booking confirmation & payment must be made during our working hours (Monday to Friday: Before 17:00, WIB) & confirmation on holidays will be processed on weekdays.
  6. The shipping fee shown at check out is our flat price, the shipping cost after the unit in packing will be informed and fully charged by the buyer.
  7. The shipment receipt information will be sent automatically by Email or WhatsApp after the goods are shipped, and buyer can do tracking order, RESI number of shipment via JNE can be accessed through website on the next day (12.00 noon).
  8. Please do the double check that the listed city is correct and the address is complete in order to avoid sending errors.
  9. The things that cause the error of delivery due to errors on the Invoice then the cost incurred borne by the buyer, and if there is a difference in the charge can not be refunded.
  10. JNE-YES delivery service is more prioritized for faster delivery. We do not accept refund claims for postponed JNE-YES submissions (as clause in JNE).
  11. The Customer hereby has agreed to the price and the postal charge shown on this note, in the event of a price reduction and or the excess of the duty stamped on the note with the original duty stamped on the JNE receipt, the difference can not be claimed again.
  12. Delivery constraints such as stock runs out, pending delivery, or other things about the goods in the message we will inform via Email to the next day.
  13. For goods that have been in the message and paid but the stock runs out, we will inform buyers and buyers are entitled to keep waiting until the goods arrive (keep order), exchange other goods, or refund 100%. Refund requests will be processed on Saturdays each week.
  14. When the purchase of goods consists of several types of goods and one of them is the goods INDENT (goods not yet arrived), then all shipments will be postponed and sent when all the goods have arrived. If the customer wants an existing item to be shipped first, please do the shopping process with separate note (different between INDENT and READY STOCK items).
  15. For INDENTED goods, whenever a price change rises or falls, the approved price shall be the price applicable on the date of making the payment, when the goods arrive and the price changes, the price changes can not be claimed again.
  16. For some items that require special and separate packaging (eg Spare parts and the like), we calculate the weight of upward rounding before being added to the weight of other groceries (if any).
    In the case of unexpected, such as sudden empty stock, incomplete goods information and other things, the delivery will be delayed within a few days and we will confirm to the customer.
  17. Refund (cancellation of purchases and buyer refunds), made when purchased goods are not stocked and upon request / approval from the buyer.
  18. The attached price is franko Jakarta / Local Pick up, All damage and warranty claim must be sent to our address. The shipping cost of the warranty claim is entirely the cost to the buyer.
  19. Customer complaints please e-mail to
  20. Warranty claim does not serve Shuttle service.
  21. For delivery Special Jakarta FREE SHIPPING (FREE)

We serve delivery of goods orders to all over Indonesia. Working together with JNE, J & T, TIKI, Mex Berlian Expedition (for outer island of Java), and Herona (Central Java & East Java) we make sure your shipment is safe and our customer service will always assist you by providing information about your shipment status .

Delivery is done within Max 2 working days for ready stock unit, and 6-8 weeks for unit indent. When you make a bank transfer payment method (Clearing / RTGS), the shipment will be processed once the funds are activated in our account.

IMPORTANT: It should be noted that the weight on the product page is the weight of the product. The shipping cost is determined not only by the weight of the product, but also by the packaging dimensions based on the criteria set by our shipping partners. Our delivery price is the reference price. Any changes and additional expenses incurred will be fully borne by the purchaser.

The risks involved in travel or delay in delivery are not our responsibility. All items shipped with JNE, TIKI, or any other Expedition will be insured in anticipation of loss and damage in transit. The claim process will involve the customer and us for proof.

Free Delivery for DKI Jakarta
Ordering goods before 12.00 WIB will be sent by our courier service, contact our sales for more details.

All units that we will send has been neatly and safely backed up. You are not charged again packing fee. If you want to add with wooden packing, please contact us.

  1. Repairs within the warranty period are free of charge. Shipping cost before / after service will be fully charged by the customer.
  2. Warranty is applicable if the unit is included with warranty card from Media Technology.
  3. The warranty does not cover replacement of new units.
  4. Warranty applies to normal usage defects or manufacturer errors.
  5. Warranty is applicable when unit repairs are made in Media Technology.
  6. Warranty does not apply to damage or matters caused by:
    – Use errors that are not in accordance with the User Guide.
    – Damage caused by sharp objects and pointy.
    – Factors out of control (fire, utility voltage, natural disasters, animals).
    – Items that have been repaired outside the official service of PT MTG or have been changed in series so as not    to comply with the specifications.
    – Damage to consumable goods such as battery & Storage Card


– Save your Invoice to make it easier to check product warranty.

– We only serve the warranty for product purchased from PT MTGlobalindo.

All payments to MTGlobalindo must be made in Rupiah (IDR) by either:

A. Wire Transfer – Transfer must be made to MTGlobalindo and confirmed for the full purchase amount (merchandise and shipping) prior to shipment. Please contact us at Tel: +62 21 54314201 for further clarification if necessary.

B. Cash on Delivery – For transactions made within DKI Jakarta / Local Pick up only.

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