OTDR Exfo FTB-720

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The ideal construction OTDR for everyday field testing in any access network as well as in 
LAN/WAN networks.

Short Dead Zones

EXFO’s FTB-720 OTDR helps you boost test productivity for inside-plant applications. Its exceptional 0.8 m event dead zone enables you to easily locate and characterize all events between the transmitter and the central office’s fiber distribution panel. This feature also comes in handy in access and LAN/WAN network applications, where events are usually closely spaced.

Multimode and Singlemode Flexibility

The FTB-720 model combines singlemode and multimode functionalities, ideal for private/premises/enterprise network testing. It offers the industry’s shortest dead zones, as well as lightning-fast acquisitions. Test multimode fiber within premises or singlemode fiber between premises—all with a single OTDR unit—and maximize your return on investment.

Filtered Port for Live Fiber Testing (Singlemode only)

The singlemode model now features a filtered 1625 nm port for in-service troubleshooting of live networks, such as P2P, FTTx and PON. The singlemode model is a versatile day-to-day tester for any access networks.

EXFO’s OTDR Software: Boosting Productivity in the Field

Auto and Advanced Modes: Choose Your Testing Approach

Streamline data acquisition in the field and report generation back at the office with EXFO’s powerful OTDR software. Choose from two testing approaches: Auto mode or Advanced mode.


Auto Mode: One-Touch Testing

Ideal for basic, repetitive applications, the Auto mode shortens the learning curve for new OTDR users.

  • Preset test parameters
  • Choice of single- or dual-wavelength OTDR testing
  • Convenient one-step event table

Advanced Mode: Flexibility for Experts

For complete control over your test routine, select the Advanced mode. Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR) and helix factor. Save time and get better results by fine-tuning acquisition parameters on the fly.

General OTDR Software Features

Great Display Legibility for Outdoors Work

For installation and maintenance crews, working outdoors goes with the territory. Switch between black and white display backgrounds as needed, and enjoy great legibility, even in the brightest daylight.

Smooth Data Management

This feature combines file autonaming with subset cable and fiber incrementation.

FTB-1 Platform Software Test Tools

This series of platform-based software testing tools enhance the value of the FTB-1 platform, providing additional testing capabilities without the need for additional modules or units.

EXpert Test Tools

EXpert VoIP Test Tool

The EXpert VoIP Test Tools generates a voice-over-IP call directly from the test platform to validate performance during service turn-up and troubleshooting.

  • Supports a wide range of signaling protocols, including SIP, SCCP, H.248/Megaco and H.323
  • Supports MOS and R-factor quality metrics
  • Simplifies testing with configurable pass/fail thresholds and RTP metrics

EXpert IP Test Tool

The EXpert IP Test Tools integrates six commonly used datacom test tools into one platform-based application to ensure field technicians are prepared for a wide-range of testing needs.

  • Rapidly perform debugging sequences with VLAN scan and LAN discovery
  • Validate end-to-end ping and traceroute
  • Verify FTP performance and HTTP availability

Third-Party Test Tools


This live-network packet capture utility makes it possible to look “inside” the packets and obtain data such as transmission time, source, destination, protocol type, etc. Users can then diagnose a problem or root out suspicious behavior. Wireshark is a standard utility on all FTB-1 platforms.


This TCP performance testing tool can create TCP and UDP data streams which measure the throughput of a network that is carrying them. Thanks to various user-definable parameters, technicians can rely on JPerf to optimize or tune a network under test.


NetStumbler verifies wireless network configurations, enabling field techicians to identify areas that have poor coverage or wireless interference, and helping them to aim antennas for full effect and find unauthorized access points.

Key Features

  • Dynamic range of up to 36 dB
  • Event dead zone as low as 0.8 meter
  • Combined singlemode/multimode wavelengths (12CD-23B model)
  • Integrated tool: combines a visual fault locator, inspection probe, broadband power meter and a CW source mode
  • Controlled launch conditions for more accurate loss measurements
  • Live fiber testing at 1625 nm
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database
  • iOLM-ready: one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear go/no-go results presented in a straightforward visual format


  • Access network testing
  • LAN/WAN characterization
  • Private networks
  • Data centers

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OTDR Exfo FTB-720

OTDR Exfo FTB-720

The ideal construction OTDR for everyday field testing in any access network as well as in 
LAN/WAN networks.

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