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Yokogawa's AQ 7275 OTDR is one of the best selling OTDRS in the world. It has 9 models available with a dynamic range of up to 45 dB, and wavelength spans from 850 nm (MMF) to 1650 nm (SMF). An impressive 0.8m event dead zone makes this model an excellent choice for FTTH and metro, core networks.

The AQ1200 Multi Field Tester OTDR is a compact and lightweight handheld OTDR optimized for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables. Designed with ease of use in mind to simplify field testing, improve work efficiency and ensure qualify results. Seven models are offered, each with unique wavelength(s) based on their specific application.

Responding to the growing needs for reliable and ease-of-use field test instruments for installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks, Yokogawa AQ7280 OTDR is designed to empower field technicians to make fast and precise measurements with confidence.The AQ7280 satisfies a broad range of test and measurement needs in analyzing optical networks from...

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