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This International Brunton LM pocket transit is the most popular aluminum body version because it is waterproof and dust proof. It has the traditional machined aluminum compass body finished in a durable textured light gray enamel. Brass hinges and pivots are attached to the pocket transit by screws.

Brunton 5008 Com Pro pocket Transit with single NdFeB magnet and Sapphire jewel bearing. Fully scaled in 0-360°. With a body made of composite materials, the Brunton 5008 Transit is a lighter, more affordable alternative.

The most noticeable feature is the hinge inclinometer, accurate to +/- 2°. This feature allows simultaneous trend and plunge measurements, reducing the number of measurements required in the field. An innovative needle design can be locked or unlocked. The ultimate tool is yours to cherish.Brunto

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